Warranties, Terms + Conditions

Thank you for choosing us for your EYE caRE & eye wear needs! It is our goal to provide you with the best possible lens design to meet your every visual need. Please review the following store policies. 


frame warranty

All frames sold have a one to two year warranty against manufacturing defect depending on the brand.  We stand behind the craftsmanship of your frames from date of your original purchase.  Please bring them back to us in the event of an issue so we can provide a solution.

Should you wish us to make lenses for an existing frame, or one purchased elsewhere, we cannot accept responsibility in the event of breakage.

A final note to avoid breakages:  "If they're not on your face, put them in the case!"

rx lens warranty

Most of our prescription eyeglass lenses are covered with a (2) two year warranty from the date of original purchase. This warranty covers manufacturing defects in coatings and surfaces This includes cracking, crazing, or breakdown of anti-scratch treated lenses or de-lamitation of polarized lenses.

We will also offer a one time lens replacement if accidentally dropped & scratched.

Payment & Professional Fees

Payment is due in full at the time services are rendered. There are no refunds for professional fees.

As a courtesy to our patients, we accept a variety of insurance plans. Participation in insurance plans does not guarantee coverage for all services rendered. If a referral is required by your plan, it is your responsibility to attain the referral before services are rendered. Any deductibles, coinsurance payments and/or co-payments remain the responsibility of the patient, as do fees related to services or materials not covered by your specific plan. In the case of a minor, the child’s guarantor (Responsible Party) is responsible for the account.

Knowledge of your coverage and benefits will greatly assist us in making your experience at eyevolution a pleasant one. 

* Charitable donations made via gift certificate sales will be equal to 20% of purchase less processing fees. 


Glasses are on your face and should be carefully selected. That is why we guide clients through the process of frame selection and fitting to avoid episodes of buyers remorse.

If you are not completely satisfied with your frame selection, and the frame is in perfect unworn condition, it may be exchanged for an alternate choice if done so within 7 days of dispense.

rx lens policy

Prescription lenses are made to order and crafted by hand, therefore there are no refunds once fabrication begins. 

We are happy to provide a one time remake on ophthalmic lenses if there is an error on our part, or on the part of any of the laboratories we deal with, or if you are not satisfied with the optics of any lens.  Additional remakes, should they become necessary, are at half cost. 

There will be an additional charge if we replace a less costly lens of any type with a more costly one, payable at time of order.  There is no refund if the replacement lens provided is a less expensive one. Give us a call if you have a question regarding this policy.

Most orders are fulfilled within ten business days from date of order. We will inform you of any delays.

We cannot be responsible for the accuracy of prescriptions from other physicians. If a remake is required due to an error in an outside prescription, our physicians will conduct a refraction of your eyes for a fee of $49.  This may be waived at the discretion of the doctor.


All contact lens fittings include diagnostic lenses to ensure healthy comfortable wear prior to release of prescription.  Unopened boxes of contact lenses may be exchanged for an alternate power or returned for store credit if done so within a year before the expiration date on the box.