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comprehensive Eye exam

It's not just about having 20/20 vision. Having a detailed analysis of your visual needs and understanding how your systemic health affects your vision, is part of every exam. In many cases, this fee is covered by your insurance, but it's nice to know that the maximum out-of-pocket fee for this evaluation is $140.


It's the test by which we determine your eyeglass prescription. It is an essential part of most eye exams and may not be covered by your medical insurance. We need to perform this test whether you are being fit with glasses or contact lenses, and the maximum fee is $49.

contact lens fitting 

Even if you've been told otherwise, contact lens options exist for almost ALL prescriptions. Let our doctors help you to achieve 20/Happy vision. Fitting fees are determined by prescription and visual demands of the patient and range from $249-$349.

**Contacts lens fees are not covered by insurance and viewed as elective. Additional fees will apply to exams requesting contact fitting services & re-checks.  

specialized testing

Corneal Topography, Visual Field Analysis, Retinal Photography, Pachymetry, and genetic testing for those at risk for vision loss through macular degeneration are available if needed.  Most of these tests are covered by insurance, but we can discuss your options if they're not. We will employ a system of fees designed to match your level of need for professional services.  

dmv eye test

Going to the DMV is not how most folks want to spend their day. As a registered NYS DMV provider, we can perform the eye test for the renewal of your drivers license and post your results directly to their website.  For a fee of $25, we'll save you precious time. 

Frame Repair/Polishing

Frame Mending and Restoration — We love vintage eyewear and keeping frames alive as long as possible! While most repairs are easy, others take some hours to restore. This unique service is available from $30-$150. 

frame adjustments/Minor Repairs

Maybe it's a loose screw or a nosepad that needs replacing. Even if you bought them elsewhere, we'll attempt minor repairs as a courtesy, but cannot accept responsibility in the event of breakage. All eyewear purchased at eyevolution will be thoroughly checked, fitted and inspected for optimal performance prior to dispensing.