You & Your Vision Benefits


The Illusion of Choice


Many employers offer vision benefits that are very restrictive.  The PLAN dictates what frames you can choose from.  The PLAN dictates what lens designs and options are available to you.  The PLAN limits our decision on what labs to be used to finish your lenses.  If there's a problem at dispensing, the PLAN limits the options for redress, adding frustration to what should be a simple process.  

At Eyevolution, our PLAN is to provide you the best quality eyewear at a fair price.  By partnering with PATCH we are now allowed Open Access to many vision panels.  We're now able to check your benefits and submit your claim at the time of your visit.  You will be reimbursed directly from your vision plan with none of the headaches or restrictions imposed by staying in-network.  

We welcome the opportunity to meet you and discuss your specific visual needs. 

Isn't it time you eyevolved?


LINDBERG Exposition: November 10, 2018

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