A long strange trip...

I wrote this in October of 2017 as renovations were nearing completion at the shop.  I don't know why it didn't publish at that time, but I'm glad it's up now.  Keep checking in with us as new things are happening all the time at Eyevolution.  Thanks!


2017 has been a helluva year, but with each setback I've found strength in the support of our community.  With my ongoing recovery from a spinal cord injury in February and a flood of epic proportions over the July Fourth holiday, YOU have been there for me with a kind word, a helpful gesture, a home-cooked meal, and many other ways to show you cared for my well being and that of the practice I created over fourteen years ago.   I'd never want to live or practice anywhere else. These trials have only deepened my resolve to reopen Eyevolution and give back to the community in as many outlets as I can.  To that end we've added a feature to the website in the "Shop at Home" section which you can access from the top banner of most of the pages on this site.  There you can purchase a gift certificate towards products or services at Eyevolution.  For every certificate sold, we'll donate 20% to a charity of your choice from the drop-down menu on the page, less a small handling fee.  It's just a beginning of course.  We'll be looking for ways to keep bringing the good works of the multiple non-profits we love to your attention throughout the year.  

Thank you! 

Dr. Watson

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