Contact Lenses



We love glasses, but it's nice to have the option to go without the frame while maintaining excellent vision. Our doctors will take the time to educate you about lens options following a comprehensive evaluation of your eyes. Contacts are a medical device that can have subtle effects on ocular health, so they require us to recheck yours every year to ensure optimal fit, comfort and corneal well-being.

Once we match your eyes with the lens design that best meets your demands, you can order contacts right through our website.  We'll deliver them straight to you!

Fitting Agreement

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1. Contact lenses are a medical device. If used improperly, they can damage the eye. 2. Contact lenses are available for most prescriptions, though limitations exist in all manners of vision correction. 3. A contact lens fitting requires many steps, and may require as many as 4-7 visits. 4. It is your responsibility to schedule and keep all follow-up visits. Most visits last 15 minutes or less. Your feedback is necessary to evaluate lens performance over time. 5. Come wearing your contacts on the dates of your follow-up appointments, unless otherwise instructed by the doctor. 6. Once finalized, a contact lens prescription is good for one (1) year. 7. An annual evaluation is required to renew your prescription. 8. Payment for all contact lens fittings is due on the initial date of service. This fee includes any and all diagnostic lenses and follow-up visits for a period of 90 days from the date of the initial evaluation. This fee does not include any supplies of contact lenses. 9. There are no refunds for contact services. 10. As a courtesy, we will bill any applicable charges to your insurance company and reimburse you their contribution towards your fitting as long as your account is in good standing and no other monies are due us for any other separate reason.
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