Primary Care
It's not just about having 20/20 vision. Having a detailed analysis of your visual needs and understanding how your systemic health affects your vision is part of every exam.

Emergency Care
Nights, holidays, weekends, We're ready to see your [ crusty, runny, teary, blurry, bloodshot, irritated, infected ] eyeballs during or after our normal hours of operation. We've even done home or hospital visits when necessary.

Contact Lenses
Even if you've been told otherwise, contact lens options exist for almost ALL prescriptions. Let Dr. Watson help you to achieve 20/Happy vision.

Specialized Testing
Corneal Topography, Visual Field Analysis, Retinal Photography, Pachymetry, and genetic testing for those at risk for vision loss through macular degeneration are available if needed.

Laser Vision Correction
Dr. Watson is affiliated with TLC Laser Eye Center.